At Spandana, its all about WE!


Signifies Collaboration.

Indicates Togetherness.

Means you and us as a group.

For us, We also stands for Women Empowerment and Women Entrepreneurship!

Since the start of our journey in 1998, for us, it has always been about ways to empower women, ways to give wings to her entrepreneurial aspirations, ways to give her financial independence, ways to give her financial security. And importantly… ways to uplift communities.

Our micro-loans, designed specifically for women borrowers, have helped uplift the lives of millions of households that used these loans to acquire assets and to enhance their incomes. The convenience of door-step delivery of financial services to our customers have saved innumerable man-days spent visiting a bank which, most of our customers were not at ease with. Our customers also get freedom from the exorbitant interest rates charged by a local money lender. We rely on the social underwriting of loans aka., the JLG model of microfinance, thereby giving our borrowers an opportunity to start from scratch.

Our loan products are designed keeping in mind the evolving needs of our customers while also ensuring that they are sustainable for borrowers. Most of our colleagues are from the same socio-cultural background as our borrowers which provides a degree of comfort to our borrowers. All this, just to ensure that our customers and the communities that we operate in, prosper.

Our ambition is to be the wind beneath the aspirational flight of our customers.

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